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Best Hostgator Coupons

26 Nov

2014 Hostgator Coupons. Best Hostgator Coupons Guaranteed!

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Difference Between Hosting Plans

28 Jul

Types of HostingsThink of a hosting server like an Olympic-size swimming pool. Not everyone needs an expensive, giant Olympic-size pool. So, it’s nice to have cheaper options which may suffice.

With Shared Web Hosting, you get to use the entire Olympic-size swimming pool; however you must share it with other swimmers. This means you won’t always get to enjoy the benefit of using the high dive because you may have to wait behind someone else while they dive. You won’t always be able to swim laps without someone getting in your way. However, sometimes the number of swimmers may be very few (like in the middle of the night) and you have a little more privacy and room, but those other swimmers will surely be back, and they can come swim in the same pool you use whenever they want. Also, the pool owners may have rules like no running and no bringing your entire extended family to take up the entire pool and not leave room for anyone else. If someone does a cannonball, you might get splashed, but the disturbance would be temporary. If that swimmer continually does cannonballs and disturbs other swimmers, then that swimmer would be asked to stop doing cannonballs or asked to get their own pool.

This is similar to how a shared server works; you share the resources with other users, but you can still enjoy a large amount of resources when no one else is using them; and the hosting company will also post rules to make sure every user has a fair amount of resources when needed.

Reseller hosting is exactly like Shared Web Hosting, except you are allowed to require a cover-charge to your guests if they want to swim. You get to keep all the profit, but you must be responsible for your guests behavior, and you must make sure your guests follow the rules of the pool owner.

With VPS Hosting, you get to use a roped-off section of the Olympic-size swimming pool, and you do NOT share your section with other swimmers. This means you won’t ever get to enjoy the benefit of using the entire pool, but you will have your section completely to yourself. In this case, you won’t have to wait for other swimmers to get out of your way. Also, the pool owners will have more lenient rules since you aren’t sharing your section of the pool with anyone else (so, you can have as many people as you like as long as they stay in your section). If someone does a cannonball in their own section of the pool, you won’t get directly splashed, but it is possible you may feel some ripples in the water.

This is similar to how a VPS container works; you get your own resources within your own container, but you still share the server with other users. The other users don’t get in your way or see your part of the server, so you have much more privacy and freedom to do what you want. However, you will never have the full power of the server at your disposal.

Dedicated Server hosting is like owning the entire Olympic-size swimming pool and having it entirely to yourself. You won’t have to follow someone else’s rules about sharing and running. You can paint the walls purple, add lawn chairs and do as many cannonballs as you want. It’s the best solution for any of your swimming needs, but if you always swim by yourself or only need enough room to practice diving, then you may not need an entire Olympic-size swimming pool.

HostGator and Joomla

27 Jul

HostGator and JoomlaAs you may know; HostGator is a web host which strives to be compatible with as many different software packages as possible. This includes platforms such as Joomla (which can be installed in just a single click through the control panel you are supplied with HostGator)

As you may know; Joomla is one of the most powerful content management systems out there. You will be surprised at just how many ‘top websites’ actually use Joomla as their backbone. With Joomla you will be able to place all sorts of images, music, text, and video on your website quickly and easily. In fact; Joomla is one of the most user-friendly platforms around.

One of the top benefits of Joomla is the fact that it is completely free. Not only this; but the platform is open source. This means that around the globe you have thousands of people working on creating extensions which can add new functionality to the platform. You also have a plethora of people working on different themes to help change the look of your website too. The vast majority of these are actually free. This means that you have free range to create your website how you wish to create your website.

Installing Joomla on HostGator is easy. Built into your HostGator control panel is an option to install Joomla automatically. You just need to click once. Whilst it is unlikely you will run into any difficulty installing Joomla; you will be pleased to know that HostGator offers full support, including videos that you can watch, just in case you do.

When you install Joomla through HostGator you can be sure that you are installing the most recent version. You can also be sure that the server you are installing it onto meets the minimum system requirements for running this software. This means that at the very minimum the server supports MySQL and PHP. HostGator runs suPHP which provides additional security for your installation.

Joomla is an incredibly secure platform. Once you have it up and running on your site you can be sure, as long as you keep it up to date, that all of the information that you upload is going to be safe. This means that you can feel confident knowing that your business is in the safest possible hands. Honestly; if you wish to install Joomla there is no safer bet than HostGator.

Hostgator and Magento

26 Jul

Hostgator MagentoWhen it comes to eCommerce you are not going to get a more powerful solution than Magento. This is why the vast majority of people who are looking to run a business online make HostGator their first port of call.

Magento is an open source platform. This means that it is completely free. It also means that anybody has the ability to add new features at their whim. Of course; if you are not capable of doing this on your own, you will find plenty of people out there who have created ‘addons’ for Magento which can be installed quickly and easily. The vast majority of these addons are free of charge.

If you wish to install Magento on your web hosting package then we suggest you opt for the HostGator business plan. As you can probably guess; this service has been designed for businesses. With this service you will get a free dedicate IP address, your own SSL certificate and a toll free number for your company. You will also be able to install the Magento software with a single click.

For eCommerce businesses an SSL certificate is virtually a requirement. SSL is a protocol which basically enhances the security of your website. This means that all credit-card transactions and logins through the website are safe at all times. Most companies benefit from an SSL certificate as people tend to feel a bit more confident about shopping when they know that their information is safe from prying eyes.

When you use HostGator Magento hosting you can be sure that the latest version of Magento will be installed for you. You can also be sure that the server that you install the Magento software onto will exceed the system requirements for this software.

Installing Magento on HostGator is simple. There is an option which will allow you to install the software in a single click. You can do this through your control panel. If you run into any difficulty then HostGator also provide a ton of information on how you can go about the installation. They even supply a video! Everything should be relatively quick to set up for you.

There are some people who will already have web hosting and wish to transfer to HostGator. The good news is that if you have Magento elsewhere you do not have to completely rebuild your website. Within 30 days of sign-up you will be able to transfer your website to HostGator for free. This means that HostGator will do all of the hard work for you. If you wish to transfer after thirty days it can still be done. Do bear in mind that there will be a small fee attached though.

HostGator Reliability

25 Jul

HostGator ReliabilityOne of the reasons as to why many people turn to HostGator is the fact that this company is able to offer some of the highest levels of reliability in the industry. They are also able to do this at a cost which is tiny compared to their competitors.
When you work with HostGator hosting you will be able to select either Linux or Windows hosting. The vast majority of people will want to opt for Linux. Whatever your choice though you can be sure that some of the best server infrastructure will be behind your service. This means that you are able to take advantage of the 99.9% uptime guarantee that HostGator offers. This basically means that you can be confident that your hosting will NEVER go down. If it does go down then it will be up in minutes, of not seconds.
One of the reasons as to why HostGator are able to offer this guarantee is the fact that their servers are spread over four different facilities. Each of them is jam packed with some of the most reliable servers around. All of these data centers are completely secure. This means you can feel confident that your data is in the safest possible place. These data centers are set up perfectly with HVAC cooling in place and raised floors to ensure that the servers are protected from the elements.
When HostGator originally began it was their mission to ensure that they were able to offer powerful and reliable hosting to both consumer and business users. This is a mission that they are still fulfilling to this very day.
HostGator reliability is something which improves year on year. Perhaps one of the greatest improvements that HostGator have made is the addition of a power generator on-site. Should the power go down to the center this generator will kick in and ensure that all of the servers continue to be powered. This means little to no downtime.
Throughout the HostGator data centers are a number of smoke detectors. These will go off at the slightest hint of trouble. This ensures that any problems are dealt with quickly. In the event of a fire there is a sprinkler system in place which should eliminate it quickly.
One of the main advantages of HostGator is the fact that they are actually based in the United States. You will find their data centers in Dallas, Texas. This area is well-known for boasting some of the most reliable and fastest connection speeds in the world. There are ten connections in place for each server. If one fails there will be another nine to come in and ‘save the day’.
There are people on site 24 hours a day. This ensures that the data center boasts some of the highest levels of security. Only those with clearance are able to enter the building. This boasts reliability significantly. Of course; having staff on site at all hours means that there is always somebody there to deal with any issues that may arise. This means things can be dealt with quickly before the customers are affected.

It is unlikely that the high level of reliability that HostGator boasts will be changing any time soon. This is what makes them one of the top providers out there.